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The American Trafficking Institute is your source for "up to date" information on the field of sex trafficking, recovery from sex trafficking, and the field of the sex industry, as well as recovery from the sex industry for professional purposes.  If you don't see the information you're seeking listed here as one of our projects, and/or directories - then give us a call to see if we have something else on file not listed here.  We might have the information available even though it's not listed directly on the site.  Our research includes over 40 years of research into this country's various programs to help prostitutes recover, outreach programs, reducing prostitution in specific geographic areas, "end demand" programs, hotline operation, crisis drop-in center operations, diversion and alternative sentencing programs, as well as "rescue" projects and "sting" operations.  We've also been called upon to serve as an "expert witness" with our director having been certified by the FBI as an expert witness in the "brainwashing techniques pimps use on their victims".  There is no one who has more experience in the area of sex trafficking of adults within the USA, as well as the process of exiting the sex industry, than us.  Some of our ongoing projects and/or resources include:


  • Expert witness for sex trafficking and/or sex industry and/or prostitution cases and/or lawsuits.

  • Consultations on Bill writing for the legislature on sex trafficking and/or prostitution and/or hearings on the subject.

  • Program design input for recovery programs for men and women leaving various aspects of the sex industry as well as sex trafficking. 

  • Sex trafficking "safe house" operations.

  • Recovery homes for men and women coming out of prostitution.

  • Outreach projects for HIV testing and education, needle exchange, drug programs, and prostitution and "john" elimination.

  • Court approved classes for "diversion" or "alternative sentencing.  Community service options also available.  

  • Intervention to remove a male or female adult from some part of the sex industry - with "pimp" and/or without.

  • Deprogramming of "brainwashing" and/or Stockholm Syndrome in those coming out of sex work and/or trafficking victims.

  • "Who's Who" in the sex trafficking, recovery from sex work, and/or the media connected with sex work and/or sex trafficking.

  • Changing legislation regarding prostitution.

  • Research  and media into trafficking, sex work and/or recovery from both or either.



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